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Lose weight twice as fast with a vegetarian diet

Those who would like to lose weight should opt for a vegetarian or vegan diet. With these two diets you can lose considerably more weight in the same period than with the usual diets – even if all diets deliver the same amount of calories. With a vegetarian diet you can lose almost twice as much weight as with a normal calorie-reduced diet – according to a study from June 2017. At the same time the metabolic functions improve with the plant-based diet, so that the weight can be maintained permanently.

Lose weight – ideally vegetarian or vegan

Already in the years 2014 and 2015 studies appeared, which showed, how well one can lose weight with a vegan nutrition. In the 2014 comparative study, vegans had lost significantly more weight than people with all other forms of diets. At the same time, the scientists were able to show that vegans had the best blood values.

In the 2015 meta-analysis, 12 randomised and controlled nutrition studies were examined. Also here the researchers determined that one can decrease with the vegan nutrition altogether best, also better than with a strict Low carb nutrition.

Lose weight with a vegetarian diet and improve your metabolism

In June 2017, another study on this topic appeared in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. The result: With a vegetarian diet – which also contains some yoghurt in addition to vegetable foods – you can lose twice as much weight as with a conventional diet that also contains meat and fish.

By breaking down their fat tissue, those who lost weight were able to improve their blood sugar and also their fat metabolism, which makes this study particularly interesting for people suffering from metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

The metabolic syndrome is characterized by four health problems in equal measure: People suffer from obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and elevated blood fat or cholesterol levels.

Vegetarian nutrition is the way to do it

74 overweight diabetics participated in one study. They should either have a vegetarian diet or a conventional diabetic diet for 6 months. The calories of both diets were of course identical.

The vegetarian diet consisted of vegetables, whole grains, pulses, fruits and nuts. The proportion of animal products was limited to one portion of low-fat yoghurt per day. In the other group the participants followed the criteria of an anti-diabetes diet of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).

In the vegetarian diet, the participants ate

  • 60 percent of their daily calories in the form of carbohydrates,
  • 15 percent in the form of protein and
  • 25 percent in the form of fat

In the other group the participants took

  • 50 percent of its energy in the form of carbohydrates,
  • 20 percent in the form of proteins and
  • less than 30 percent in the form of fats

The vegetarian diet was clearly more successful. Because the participants eating vegetarian could lose twice as many kilos as the other group. The vegetarians lost an average of 6.2 kilograms. In the other group the participants decreased only 3.2 kilograms on the average.

Eenjoy the vegetarian diet with a plan

If you are considering a vegetarian diet, you should not think that it is only by avoiding meat and co. that the kilos begin to tumble. Many vegetarian foods still contain many calories, such as cheese and cream. It is therefore important to set up a weekly plan to keep an eye on your diet by counting calories. For example, if you are on a metabolic diet, you should use foods that get your digestion going.

What foods are allowed?

The foods that are particularly suitable for a high-protein and vegetarian diet are: Spinach, pulses, broccoli, mushrooms, courgettes and cauliflower. Spinach, in particular, should appear frequently on your diet plan, as vegan food is an unbeatable source of protein. Tofu is also an excellent substitute for meat in salads.

Here is a simple salad diet recipe for vegetarian slimming, which is also suitable for vegans: Arrange a salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables and drape some strips of tofu fried in little fat on it. Nuts or cooked chickpeas round off your low-carb dish.

A vegan diet is also possible

Usually low-carbohydrate foods such as cream cheese, eggs, milk and meat or fish – all animal products – end up in the shopping trolley. But they can be completely replaced if you want to slim vegan or vegetarian.

For everything without exception, there is a purely vegetable alternative for healthy shopping, such as meat cakes. These are available as a vegan variant based on soya.

Soy is only the flavour carrier here and actually tastes like nothing at all – just like raw meat.

Since the same spices are contained, the taste is also the same, at least theoretically. Instead of cow’s milk cheese, vegan supermarkets offer cheese based on oil and potato starch and soy yoghurt without any dairy products. You also don’t have to do without alternatives to eggs for a vegan low carb diet.

Are there slimming supplements for a vegetarian diet?

For vegetarians the only thing is: no meat and no fish. Protein shakes, on the other hand, usually do without these foods. So here you can have courageous access. For example, if you replace a meal with a shake, fat burning is boosted immediately. But keep in mind that you should supplement your diet in a sensible way.

A vegetarian diet with only protein shakes is unhealthy because the human body needs far more nutrients.


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