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Finally vegan! Become a vegan with 15 tips!

You don’t become a vegan overnight. With our tips we want to make it easier for you to get started.

You would like to become a vegan, but don’t know how to do it yet? Then a visit to our blog is the best start. As we have learned from many conversations, an incredible number of people play with the idea of becoming a vegan. And daily it becomes more. No miracle.

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Anyone who is constantly confronted with the problems of factory farming, who has to read horror reports about terrible animal experiments, who observes the worldwide environmental sins that are directly and indirectly related to our diet, or who simply follows the never-ending food scandals of recent years, will sooner or later come to the conclusion that you should also change something in your private life.

But where to start? How do you become a vegan? Who helps you? Is it bad if we eat a steak? Are we supposed to enter into a vegan way of life at all if we assume that we won’t be able to survive it in the end? Is it healthy and natural at all when we humans are supposedly meat eaters? Questions about questions and concerns about concerns that some of you have certainly already had.

Our answer, which is probably not surprising for you at this point:

Of course you should dare to try it. And in order to simplify the change for you and to make the basis for a lasting vegan life possible, we have collected the 15 best tips for you, which also helped us to become vegans.

Tip 1: Everything is easier if you are well informed 

All information you collect about vegan life is generally great. At first you will probably be overwhelmed with tons of information – whether on the Internet or in scientific literature. But the more you deal with the topic, the easier it will be for you to distinguish the right and important tips from the wrong ones.

As I said, by visiting our blog you have already made the best start. Because we want to inform you as broadly as possible about all important aspects around the topic vegan, without falling into incomprehensible high-scientific discussions. So, read some of our articles – this will give you a perfect overview as a basis.

Tip 2: It all takes time – 

You don’t become a vegan overnight. Well, there are also supposed to be cases where someone has changed his life completely from one day to the next and changed from a carnal to a plant diet over night! But for the vast majority of us vegans, the change is more likely to have taken place in stages.

Studies show, for example, that over half of vegans were initially vegetarians.

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Only after the renouncement of meat and fish followed then the renouncement of eggs, then also milk and milk products, in order to finally become genuine vegans, for whom all animal products are taboo. And who consequently extended this taboo to all areas of life – including cosmetics and fashion.

Tip 3: Start in small steps – this is our most valuable tip

Try it. It’s about studying. Therefore our tip to you: Find your own pace. Maybe you start with a vegan breakfast or maybe with 2-3 vegan days per week. After all, your body also needs time to adjust slowly. And this is different for each person. And you don’t have to plunder your entire wardrobe immediately, throw away your leather shoes or cosmetic products. Also here applies – apply and use up and then perhaps gradually replace with vegan.

Tip 4: What is you reason to go vegan? 

Of course the new obviously vegan living girlfriend can be the reason why you choose a vegan lifestyle. The danger is then however large that with the next friend also the life change is changed again. The change is better and easier if you become a vegan out of deep conviction. Some reasons we have already described at the beginning. Also serious illnesses, a Burn-out or life crises can be reasons for a radical nourishing conversion and the decision for a vegan life.

For most of us it is certainly the ethical aspects, especially with regard to animal welfare and the environment. Those who can build on a solid foundation will certainly find it easier not only to become vegans, but also to stay long-term. Because your “Why vegan?” is and remains your daily motivation.

Tip 5: Remain flexible 

Be aware of this. There will be setbacks. Maybe you suddenly feel a craving for a curry sausage or remember some other carnal favorite food from your childhood. Even if you become “weak”, by no means is that a failure. Remember – you are vegan out of conviction, but you do it voluntarily. Nobody forces you and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

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Veganism is not a religion and you will not be punished by any higher power just because you may have “sinned” once. Every step is better than none, that means with every steak that you eat less, you have already done something good, of which you can be rightfully proud.

Tip 6: Buy correctly – becoming a vegan is easier than you think

The first step into vegan life is to clean out the fridge. In fact, we would recommend starting with an empty fridge. Of course you don’t have to. But it’s always easier. Take everything out, bring it to the table or give it to your neighbors. And then off to the health food store or to the supermarket. Just start, use fresh ingredients and buy fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and cold pressed oils. A balanced vegan diet should be based on this.

Then take a look at vegan products – you’ll be surprised at what’s already there. You can take what you like and try it at home. Also gladly a few substitute products – thus e.g. vegan sausage or vegan cheese. Is not necessarily healthy and tasty, but makes the change easier for many.

Tip 7: Learn to cook – this is a very important step

Better than buying vegan ready meals from the supermarket, it is of course better to cook them yourself. Not only does it taste better, it is also much healthier. Besides, it’s just fun. Therefore our tip:

Get a vegan cookbook and be inspired by our many recipes in the blog.

Or the best of all: Take a vegan cooking course. There you will usually also meet like-minded people.

Tip 8: Together we are stronger

Which brings us to the next tip. Search for like-minded people, whether on the Internet, Facebook or when visiting vegan restaurants. If you do not yet have a vegan circle of friends, there is a good chance that you will encounter a lot of incomprehension in your environment – be it in your family, with colleagues or old school friends.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to be able to communicate with people who understand you, who give you tips, with whom you can eat and cook together. And don’t worry – you’ll find many new vegan friends – our community is growing and growing.

Tip 9: Don’t let them provoke you

In fact, the entry into vegan life often fails due to the incomprehension of those who are closest to you. One can understand and cope with his parents’ criticism to some extent. It becomes more difficult with the partner or the closest friends. Especially when people start to make fun of you, mock you or get involved in discussions, it can lead to arguments, frustration and insecurity.

Therefore it is good to be well informed, as already said at the beginning, and to be prepared with the appropriate facts and arguments.

In this way, emotional discussions can be avoided. And real friends will notice how important the topic is to you and hopefully react with more understanding, perhaps even encouragement.

Tip 10: Do without missionary work

On the other hand, you should not be the ones who want to convince others of your own better way of life. One of the oldest jokes about vegans says it all: “How do you recognize a vegan? He will tell you.”

potato soup vegan or vegetarian

Very few people want to be missionized by others. But vegans are often accused of exactly that. And maybe there is a little bit of truth behind it.

Therefore our tip: Set a good example, show your fellow human beings how comfortable you feel, but don’t accuse them if they decide for another way.

Tip 11: Pay attention to nutrients

Yes, there’s soy pudding, vegan pizza or shakes that are sweetened too much and that many of you will love. But for a successful and above all healthy change to veganism, you should pay attention to your nutrient balance. Therefore it is important for you to know which plant foods contain potentially critical minerals, vitamins and nutrients such as iron, iodine, calcium etc. in order to be able to consume them in a targeted way.

Tip 12: Run B12 test

Vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin that is not found in plants. Therefore, it is best to have a regular medical blood count and take a supplement containing B12 every few months.

Tip 13: Be open to new ideas

Wow. What is quinoa or amaranth anyway? With the change to a vegan diet, your food dictionary also changes. Suddenly completely new exotic dishes appear on your menu. And if you don’t like them the first time, try them again a few weeks later. Because also our taste buds have to get used to the many new impressions slowly.

But you can be sure – they do. Nature has simply adjusted our body so that it first asks what it is used to. And at some point it might be the previously unloved cabbage soup or the beetroot salad.

Tip 14: Eat more

Sounds weird at first, but it’s logical. French fries with schnitzel naturally help you to meet your daily calorie requirements faster than salads and lentils. That’s why it’s better to eat larger portions so that you don’t eat unhealthy junk food because of sudden cravings.

Tip 15: Organization is everything

Last but not least, the perfect tip for all those who like to write notes. Get a weekly plan of what you want to eat when and where. Put together your breakfast as well as your main meal times and remember to take some snacks with you on the way, whether fruit, vegetable sticks or vegan bars. Write down when and where you want to eat out.

With the plan you already have the best basis for your shopping and cooking list. This saves you time and effort and probably even money, because you don’t have to run to expensive vegan restaurants all the time when you get hungry.

We wish you a good start into your vegan future.

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Hello! My name is Marius Huber. For years I have been a passionate vegetarian and a convinced environmentalist. That wasn't always the case. To be honest, I was the one of my friends who ate the most meat. Fortunately, I was gently encouraged to rethink. I visited a pig farm and saw the suffering of the animals slaughtered there. Since then I feel with the living beings and try to do my best so that the animals don't have to suffer.