Vegan recipies

spinach recipe

Whether gnocchi with spinach or spinach with omelette – our spinach recipes will delight you Cooking spinach the right way To cook spinach, first fold the spinach leaves lengthwise. The stalk can now be easily removed. Wash and drain the spinach leaves. Bring salted water to the boil and blanch the spinach for 30 seconds. …

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Pizza vegetarian or vegan

Vegetarian Pizza

Ingredients 500 g flour 200 ml Water 100 ml olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 1 PF dry yeast 250 ml Tomatoes (passed) some spices to taste – salt, pepper, … 1 tin of corn 250 g mushrooms 1 pc red pepper 0.50 Pk Feta some Gouda or Emmentaler in slices or grated… (or Gouda) Preparation …

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