Hello! My name is Marius Huber. For years I have been a passionate vegetarian and a convinced environmentalist. That wasn't always the case. To be honest, I was the one of my friends who ate the most meat. Fortunately, I was gently encouraged to rethink. I visited a pig farm and saw the suffering of the animals slaughtered there. Since then I feel with the living beings and try to do my best so that the animals don't have to suffer.

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Vegan cookbook

In recent years, an incredible number of new vegan cookbooks have come onto the market. Let’s think back 5 or 6 years – we were happy when we discovered a vegan cookbook in the bookstore. This has now changed dramatically and new books with great recipes are added every month. Especially for “vegan beginners” it …

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Vegan recipies

spinach recipe

Whether gnocchi with spinach or spinach with omelette – our spinach recipes will delight you Cooking spinach the right way To cook spinach, first fold the spinach leaves lengthwise. The stalk can now be easily removed. Wash and drain the spinach leaves. Bring salted water to the boil and blanch the spinach for 30 seconds. …

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